Nike Pushes Out the React Infinity Run to Keep You Running: What We Know So Far

The React Infinity Run Keeps You Running

Manila, Philippines — Good news to runners out there – Nike has recently debuted its newest product “to keep you running” it is called the Nike React Infinity Run.

This boasts a fine-tuned blend of biomechanical efficiency as well as cushioning.

Nike says this new model does offer “a more democratic solution to stability.”

The React Infinity Run Keeps You Running

The juxtaposition of two technologies

Back in 2017, the company pushed out the Zoom Vaporfly 4% that “was built for notching PRs and breaking limits.” It also released the Nike React in the same year that offers a game-changing cushioning in a bid to provide a fee that was not only soft but also lightweight, resilient, and – of course – durable.

Nike says the new release – the React Infinity Run – combines these qualities in one.

Specifically, the Infinity Run touts a responsive, soft platform with a widened midsole.

React Infinity Run
React Infinity Run

It boasts a rocker-like bottom in an aim to yield a “more fluid transition from foot strike to toe-off.”

As such, the feel becomes stable and energetic for users so they could keep running for miles.

Thanks to the slight lean forward design of the shoe’s rocker – a natural forward feel of propulsion are created as this helps moves a runner’s foot strike from heel to midfoot or even forefoot.

Runners are expected to experience a reduced side-to-side wobbling and movement because of the broader platform,

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2020: Year of the Piso with the Cebu Pacific Super Seat Fest

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2020

Manila, Philippines — Spring into action and get a head-start on the 2020 long weekends and vacays with this early Chinese New Year treat from Cebu Pacific. It’s Year of the Piso from the airline that gives the best year-round low fares.

Cebu Pacific Year of the Piso Seat Sale

From January 16 to 17, score seats on Cebu Pacific flights to over 60 destinations for as low as P1! To give everyJuan a chance to book those Piso fares and Make Moments Happen, destinations are grouped on Day 1 (January 16), with an eight-hour window to book seats on sale.

From 12:00am to 8:00am on January 16, scour for seats because it’s lucky travels to all local destinations. Explore the rest of the Philippines—home to some of the world’s best island-destinations in the world. Instead of seeing vlogs or images, get real-life experience canyoneering down Kawasan Falls in Cebu, kayaking through karst cliffs in Palawan or lazing on the white beach of Kalanggaman Island in Leyte.

Kalanggaman Island - Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2020 photo by @jmvillejo via Unsplash
Kalanggaman Island – Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2020 photo by @jmvillejo via Unsplash

From 8:00am to 4:00pm, get ready because it’s lucky travels to East Asia! China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea routes go on sale. Visit the world’s largest retail and trade fairs in Guangzhou, get a Hallyu fix in Seoul, or take a trip to the UNESCO world heritage village of Shirakawa-go in Nagoya.

From 4:00pm to 12:00midnight, all

It’s Time to Replace Traditional Authentication Methods

It's Time to Replace Traditional Authentication Methods

More and more websites are saturating the World Wide Web and requesting users to create an account and sign in to use their services. 

You might even have your own website that requires just that! 

By asking users to log in, you’ll be able to track their usage more effectively, which will allow you to devise a more accurate re-marketing strategy that is both relevant and appropriately targeted to them.

The sign-up process should be simple, involving the collection of basic information such as their email, name, phone number, and address. Users will then be asked to create a password that adheres to the website’s password policy, followed by the authentication of their account to prevent bots from spamming the system. After that, it’s time for them to log in for the first time and access your services.

Depending on your website, you probably require one of the following traditional authentication methods for a successful log-in:

Password-based authentication

This is the most basic and convenient method for users to log in. They simply need to provide the password they created when they set up an account to gain access to their information. The secrecy of the password is the only thing that protects the data from unauthorized access.

To reduce the risk of fraud, many businesses now have password policies in place. Users are required to choose a password that has a certain length of characters, letters and numbers, upper and lower case, special characters, and no words from the

What You Give Up and Get Using Free Payroll Services

What You Give Up and Get Using Free Payroll Services

  • Free payroll apps offer tools that automatically calculate taxes, wage garnishments, and Social Security and benefit deductions, but you will need to enter data into the system yourself.
  • Paying for a payroll service gives you access to quality customer support. The service may also have nicer features, such as quality assurance checks.
  • Before choosing a payroll service, it’s important to vet the company by asking for references and speaking with several of its clients.

Processing payroll is not a task for the faint of heart. It can be daunting, which is why some business owners outsource the work. But with so many free and paid services and apps to choose from, it’s challenging to find the best payroll solution for your business. When choosing between a free payroll service and one you must pay for, keep in mind that an expensive option isn’t necessarily better, but free alternatives might not be your best option either.

Understanding your business’s needs and which payroll features you want are key to choosing the right service. However, if cost is king and you feel like you need a free payroll service, it’s important to be aware of what features you’ll get and which ones you’ll miss out on. 

What is the difference between a payroll app and a payroll service?

Before you can decide whether free or paid payroll works for you, you must first understand the difference between a payroll service and payroll app. This is key to understanding what features they

Flight Updates: AirAsia flights normalize after eruption of Taal Volcano

MANILA, Philippines – All AirAsia flights within and to/from the Philippines today are set to fly as scheduled, as airline operations gradually normalize following the eruption of Taal Volcano.

While flights have resumed, AirAsia continues to monitor the situation and will update guests should there be any changes to flight schedules.

AirAsia flights normalize after the eruption of Taal Volcano

AirAsia also continues to implement precautionary measures for guests, including a thorough assessment of routes and aircraft.

Guests whose flights had been canceled in previous days have been advised to make the necessary changes to their flights. AirAsia guests are strongly encouraged to check their flight status at for the latest updates.

AirAsia Flight to Bacolod - Silay Airport
AirAsia Flight to Bacolod – Silay Airport

In light of this natural event, AirAsia is making the following options available to guests whose flights have been canceled or delayed longer than 3 hours:

Move flight: One-time flight change to a new travel date on the same route within 30 calendar days from the original flight time without additional cost, subject to seat availability; OR

Credit account: Retain the value of your fare in your AirAsia BIG Loyalty account for future travel with AirAsia. The online credit account is to be redeemed for booking within 90 calendar days from the issuance date for your travel with us. The actual travel dates can be after the expiry date as long as our flight schedule is out; OR

Full Refund: Obtain a full refund in the