2020 Nissan Altima 2.0 Platinum VC-Turbo FWD Review & Test Drive

2020 nissan altima platinum vc-turbo

While it’s evident that sedans aren’t selling as they used to because SUV/Crossover utility vehicles are the go-to vehicles of today, there’s still a decent selection of mainstream sedans for the pickings. One in particular that has kept pace for its sales figures is the Nissan Altima. The Altima has always been a steady seller that the Nissan brand could count on, and in its latest model year, it proudly endures the influx of crossover vehicles and offers up a little something for those who haven’t quite yet made a move to an SUV or crossover.

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For the 2020 model year, the Nissan Altima continues without much change other than memory seats for the Platinum trim, a change in the interior trim, and its full suite of driver aids is now standard equipment for the SR trim and an option on the base S trim. Otherwise, the welcomed new engine for last year’s model, the 2.0-liter variable compression (VC) turbocharged 4-cylinder, continues on to impress folks like me with its surprising balance of decent power output and fuel efficiency.

2020 nissan altima platinum vc-turbo side

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The two engines that power the new Altima remain to be either a 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder with 188 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, or the welcomed variable compression turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that delivers 236 horsepower and a healthy 267 lb-ft of torque (248

How Bykea is winning Pakistan’s ride-hailing and delivery market – TechCrunch

How Bykea is winning Pakistan’s ride-hailing and delivery market – TechCrunch

With less than $7M in VC funding, the startup is beating Uber

Increasingly, the streets of Karachi and Lahore are being flooded with men riding bikes and wearing green T-shirts, a writer friend recently told me. In a sense, these men represent the emergence of Pakistan’s tech startups.

India now has more than 25,000 startups and raised a record $14.5 billion last year, according to government figures. But not all Asian countries are as large as India or have such a thriving startup ecosystem. Long overdue, things are beginning to change in bordering Pakistan.

Bykea, a three-year-old ride-hailing and delivery service, today has more than 500,000 bikes registered on its platform. It operates in some of Pakistan’s most populated cities, such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Muneeb Maayr, Bykea founder and CEO, told TechCrunch.

Maayr is one of the most recognized startup founders in Pakistan, and previously worked for Rocket Internet, helping the giant run fashion e-commerce platform Daraz in the country. While leading Daraz, he expanded the platform to cater to categories beyond fashion; Daraz was later sold to Alibaba.

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Rocket Lab points out that not all rideshare rocket launches are created equal – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab points out that not all rideshare rocket launches are created equal – TechCrunch

The commercial rideshare model for spacefaring cargo is increasingly popular, and for good reason: It lowers the cost of launching something to space even further than companies like SpaceX have managed by splitting the available space on a rocket among multiple customers. Last August, SpaceX announced that it would be offering dedicated “rideshare” missions for customers using its Falcon 9 launch vehicle, but at FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Conference this year, Rocket Lab VP of Global Commercial Launch Services Shane Fleming wanted to remind people that his company still believes their offering is likely the better option for most smallsat operators.

“SpaceX has been around for some time now obviously, but rideshare has not,” explained Fleming during a panel on space startups and VC. “There have been heavy launch vehicles around for quite some time, and small CubeSat customers and microsat customers have always had a challenge getting to orbit because they’re not the top priority. The top priority is a big geosat [geostationary satellite] mission, or national security mission, and those CubeSat customers, or rideshare customers are just hitching a ride essentially, to space, using a bus analogy. So today, customers with those specific smallsat needs haven’t really had the luxury of really tailored, dedicated small launch services like we provide at Rocket Lab.”

SpaceX has said that its smallsat customers taking part in rideshare missions can send payloads of either up to 330 lbs for as little as $2.25 million, or 660 lbs for just $4.5 million, which

Enjoy Intramuros City With Augmented Reality App Named Experience Philippines

Relive the history of Intramuros city with augmented reality app Experience Philippines

Manila, Philippines — You can now relieve the Intramuros City’s history using your mobile phone — thanks to the augmented reality app Experience Philippines.

Available both on Android and iOS, the Experience Philippines app allows culture buffs and tourists to immerse themselves in the past of the so-called walled city.

Experience Philippines App

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has partnered with iACADEMY to bring users the different information and visuals about Intramuros. For those who do not know, the iACADEMY is a school in Makati that offers an array of courses, which include business, design, and computing.

Experience PH App
Experience PH App

To download the said app, all you have to do is to type “Experience Philippines” on the App Store or Google Play. You have to tap on the “ARTech” button and go to the tourist site to activate the app.

Various sites in Intramuros, along with the DOT logo, are featured. Some of these are the Fort Santiago Gate, the Gallery of Presidents, the Manila Cathedral, the Ayuntamiento, the Churches of our Lady of Lourdes, of San Ignacio, of San Francisco, and of Recollects, and San Agustin Church.

augmented reality app Experience Philippines
augmented reality app Experience Philippines

“With the Experience Philippines app, tourists can relive the past of Intramuros city with just a tap on their mobile phone screens,” said DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat.

The DOT chief added the agency hopes to be able to expand the technology to other tourist

What Not to Do When Launching a New Business

What Not to Do When Launching a New Business

Starting a business from scratch is never easy. You need to plan out everything needed to turn it into reality. However, like joining a war, you have to be strategic in putting up your dream business. 

Simple mismanagement of a task can lead to a big disaster if you don’t resolve it properly. You also need a backup plan if things don’t work out. Having a successful business starts with a proper focus on crucial things that affect it, including having good customer experience, setting up a proper website and managing your social media. Here are the following things you should not do if you want to set your business to a good start.

1. Do everything by yourself

Solopreneurs tend to do business tasks without the help of an assistant or a henchman. This can be an ingredient for disaster afterward. Not everything can be done alone, especially in repetitive tasks. If you’re not organized enough, multitasking may even affect your productivity and worsen your piling tasks.  

You should learn how to delegate tasks to your remote employees. There are three options you can choose in hiring your first team: freelancing, agencies, or business process outsourcing companies. 

The first one can be hired through different platforms in the market, such as UpWork and Fiverr, while agencies let you hire at least one person or a whole team. Outsourcing companies, meanwhile, can set up a dedicated team for you. Since they cover the expenses for the equipment you need in