GDC 2020 has been canceled – TechCrunch

GDC 2020 has been canceled – TechCrunch

Well, after what I’m sure was a hectic few days for the folks planning the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the team announced today that they have officially decided to cancel the event happening this March, saying in a blog post that they hoped they would be able to reschedule an event for “later in the summer.”

In recent days, nearly all of the event’s top corporate sponsors announced that they would not be sending employees to the event due to concerns surrounding coronavirus. Microsoft, Unity, Epic, Amazon, Facebook and Sony had all bowed out of the event. GDC’s statement did not reference the virus.

The company behind GDC detailed that they will be refunding conference and expo attendees in full, though a blog post details that the group hopes to host a GDC event later in the summer, noting, “We will be working with our partners to finalize the details and will share more information about our plans in the coming weeks.”

GDC is just the latest tech conference to be shuttered in the wake of worldwide concern surrounding the outbreak of coronavirus. Yesterday, Facebook announced it would be canceling the in-person component of its F8 conference and we have already seen the cancellation of GSMA‘s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Facebook cancels F8 over coronavirus concerns – TechCrunch

Facebook cancels F8 over coronavirus concerns – TechCrunch

Coronavirus fears prompt even more event cancellations, controversial facial recognition software is being used widely and DocuSign acquires Seal Software. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February 28, 2020.

1. Facebook cancels F8 conference, citing coronavirus concerns

Facebook has confirmed that it has canceled its annual F8 developers conference over growing concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. More specifically, the company says it’s canceling the “in-person component” — there may still be video presentations, along with live-streamed and local events, under the F8 umbrella.

At the same time, companies, including Microsoft, are pulling out of the Game Developers Conference over similar concerns. And the Geneva Motor Show was just canceled.

2. Clearview said its facial recognition app was only for law enforcement as it courted private companies

After claiming that it would only sell its controversial facial recognition software to law enforcement agencies, a new report in BuzzFeed News suggests that Clearview AI is less than discerning about its client base, and has in fact shopped its technology far and wide.

3. DocuSign acquires Seal Software for $188M to enhance its AI chops

Seal Software was founded in 2010, and, while it may not be a mainstream brand, its customers include the likes of PayPal, Dell, Nokia and DocuSign itself. (DocuSign previously invested in the company, too.) These businesses use Seal for its contract management tools, but also for its analytics, discovery and data extraction services.

4. Senate passes ‘rip and replace’ bill to remove old Huawei and ZTE

Houston Bucket List: 10 Best Things to Do in Houston, Texas, USA

What are the top tourist attractions to visit in Houston?

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States located at the largest state by territory in the country making it abundant with amazing things to do and experience both for locals and travelers. People won’t run out of things to do and experience in Houston with it being a city of endless appetites and attractions while also being rich in culture and history.

Best Things to Do in Houston, Texas

This list can go on forever, but we’ve curated the best ones and the must-visits for travelers looking to explore and experience the best that the city of Houston has to offer. From museums to rodeos and even to outer space, read on to see what this urban jungle has in store.

Visit the Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston photo by @efcastanneda via Unsplash
Space Center Houston photo by @efcastanneda via Unsplash

Wanna meet an astronaut or touch a rock from the moon? You can do both and more when you visit the Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The center is a huge complex where visitors can see replicas of space shuttles and explore inside a replica of America’s first-ever space station, Skylab.

They also offer a free tour inside Johnson Space Center and the VIP Level 9 Tour where ticket buyers are shown around cool restricted areas.

Visit Houston’s Many Museums

One of Houston’s greatest cultural attractions is its Museum District downtown on Bissonnet Street where 19

Public markets fall yet again as venture deal counts appear to slip – TechCrunch

Public markets fall yet again as venture deal counts appear to slip – TechCrunch

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between.

All around, this has been a tough week. The coronavirus is spreading and worry is running high as infections mount. In economic terms, global markets were repeated declines last night (domestic results here), and the U.S. indices are off again this morning.

There’s been plenty of bad news to read, even in our private market, startup-focused world. Yesterday the impact of COVID-19 on earnings became more apparent, bringing what has, for months, been an external concern to domestic technology companies. The problems are now. The past week’s market collapse into correction territory hasn’t helped,.

But the story so far has largely been public-market focused and with good reason: You can see the public markets contract in real-time. It’s far harder to see into the shifting dynamics of the private market. Today, however, we are going to try, all the same, by digging into some preliminary venture capital data.

I realize that the last few days have been awful. So, at the end of this piece, I’ve excerpted a quote from a recent interview I held with the CEO of Smartsheet, Mark Mader, about tech cycles, downturns, and getting through tough times. It’s perhaps useful today as the downward trend appears to continue.

Let’s start with a brief reminder of how elevated stock prices remain and what that means for tech multiples, and then

Guide to Short-Term Business Loans

Guide to Short-Term Business Loans

There are many different types of loan products that are available for small businesses, which can make small business financing confusing for business owners. Among the various products, a short-term business loan is one of the easiest financing options to understand. Term loans can provide working capital to businesses so that they can use the funds to make large purchases. Since these loans feature regularly scheduled payments, they also allow business owners to budget more effectively. The following is a simple guide to term loans to help you understand how you can use a loan to fuel your business’s growth.

What is a business term loan?

Term loans are loans from banks or alternative lenders for a specified amount. These loans have repayment schedules featuring regular repayments with either a floating or fixed interest rate. When businesses are approved for term loans, they will be provided with lump sums of money upfront. They will then repay the loan balances at regular intervals over the life or term of the loan. They are called term loans to refer to the length of the period of repayment.

A term loans may be a smart choice for businesses that are established and have sound financials. Business term loans have several characteristics that differentiate them from other available business financing options. They typically feature lower rates of interest than other types of credit such as business credit cards or lines of credit. They are more flexible in their uses, and they offer predictable repayment