SpaceX gets ready for first human flight – TechCrunch

SpaceX gets ready for first human flight – TechCrunch

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This week turned out to be a surprisingly busy one in space news — kicked off by the Trump administration’s FY 2021 budget proposal, which was generous to U.S. space efforts both in science and in defense.

Meanwhile, we saw significant progress in SpaceX’s commercial crew program, and plenty of activity among startups big and small.

The spacecraft that SpaceX will use to fly astronauts for the first time is now in Florida, at its launch site for final preparations before it takes off. Currently, this Crew Dragon mission is set to take place sometime in early May, and though that may still shift, it’s looking more and more likely it’ll happen within the next few months.

Rocket Lab will play a key role in NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to get humans back to the surface of the Moon by 2024. NASA contracted Rocket Lab to launch its CAPSTONE CubeSat to a lunar orbit in 2021, using Rocket Lab’s new Proton combined satellite and long-distance transportation stage.

Starlink satellites streak through a telescope’s observations.

Astronomers and scientists that rely on observing the stars from Earth are continuing to warn about the impact on stellar observation from constellations that are increasingly dotting the night sky.

Meanwhile, SpaceX just launched another 60 satellites for its Starlink constellation, bringing the total on orbit to 300. SpaceX founder

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Philippines lifts COVID-19 travel ban against Taiwan

PH Lifts Travel Ban Against Taiwan

Manila, Philippines — Good news to those who are planning to head to Taiwan soon. The Philippines has lifted the travel ban that was imposed a week ago against Taiwan.

The said travel restriction versus Taiwan was because of the spread of the COVID-19, the updated name given by the World Health Organization (WHO) to the disease that was caused by the novel coronavirus that stemmed in China in late 2019.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan photo by @kaizerbienes via Unsplash

Salvador Panelo, the Presidential spokesperson, announced the decision of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF) to lift the travel restrictions imposed on the said country due to the COVID-19. It is effective immediately.

“Accordingly, travel may now be made by any national to Taiwan from the Philippines and vice versa,” said the statement of Panelo, via Inquirer.

Panelo further said that the lifting of the travel ban for the said country has been agreed by the IATF members “by the reason of the strict measures they are undertaking,” along with the protocols being implemented to address the said killer disease.


It can be remembered that last Feb. 2, the Philippines banned all flights to and from China along with its two administrative regions, Macau and Hong Kong to mitigate the spread of the new virus. Last Feb. 4, the Department of Health also added Taiwan on the list.

However, Taiwan said it was wrong to

Vodafone Idea shares tumble 23% after India orders it to pay billions in dues – TechCrunch

Vodafone Idea shares tumble 23% after India orders it to pay billions in dues – TechCrunch

Shares of Vodafone Idea fell by more than 23% on Friday after India’s apex court ordered the country’s second-largest telecom operator and Airtel, the third-largest telecom network, to arrange and pay billions of dollars in dues in a month.

In a strongly worded judgement, the Supreme Court rejected telecom networks’ application to defer paying historic $13 billion levies to the government. “This is pure contempt, 100% contempt,” Justice Arun Mishra told lawyers.

The order today, which may result in U.K. telecom giant Vodafone’s local joint venture’s collapse, saw Vodafone Idea’s shares plunge by 23.21%. Vodafone Idea had more than 336 million subscribers as of November last year, according to official figures (PDF).

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

The Supreme Court’s order was followed by direction from the Department of Telecoms to pay the dues by the end of Friday. The local ministry of telecommunications also ordered the telecom companies to keep their relevant offices open on Saturday to “facilitate” payments and answer queries.

In October, the Supreme Court ruled that Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel, as well as several other operators, including some that are no longer operational, will have to pay the government within 90 days a combined $13 billion in adjusted gross revenue as spectrum usage charges and license fees.

The Indian government and telecom operators have for a decade disputed how gross revenue should be calculated. The government has mandated the license and spectrum fee to be paid by operators as

Dropbox head of security Justin Berman – TechCrunch

Dropbox head of security Justin Berman – TechCrunch

Justin Berman has one of the most important jobs at Dropbox.

As head of security, he oversees the company’s cybersecurity strategy, its defenses and works daily to keep its more than 600 million users’ data private and secure.

No pressure, then.

Berman joined the file storage and workspace giant a year ago during a period of transition for the company. During its early years, Dropbox was hit by a data breach that saw more than 60 million user passwords stolen during a time where tech giants were entrenched in a “move fast and break things” culture. But things have changed, particularly at Dropbox, which made good on its promise to improve the company’s security and also went far beyond what any Silicon Valley company had done before to better protect security researchers.

In this series, we’ll look at the role of the CSO — the chief security officer — at some of the biggest companies in tech to better understand the role, what it means to keep an organization secure without hindering growth and what advice startups can learn from some of the most experienced security professionals in the industry.

We start with Berman, who discussed in a recent interview what drew him to the company, what it means to be a security chief and what other companies can learn from Dropbox’s groundbreaking security policies.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

TechCrunch: You’ve been at Dropbox since June. Before this you were at Zenefits, Flatiron Health and