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Do I take the Lambo or do I build a house? Buying a sports car can be absurd. For the top models of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and you have to pay six, sometimes even seven-figure sums explains Carcody. Admittedly, you get the latest racing technology for the road and pure performance. But can’t you also be one or two numbers smaller and be sporty on the road? You can! We present five sports cars that offer driving pleasure at an economic price.

Top list: “cheap” sports cars

When we talk about “cheap” or “inexpensive” sports cars in this article, we of course mean this in relation to the amounts that you have to spend on expensive models like the Porsche 911 or the Audi R8. In absolute terms, the following cars are of course not quite cheap. But see for yourself. We have sorted the five models in ascending order according to the current cheapest price at heycar. 

Audi TT

The Audi TT is now in its third generation. For more than 20 years, the sporty coupé has been one of the most sought-after models of the car manufacturer from Ingolstadt. The initially very round shapes have given way to more angular lines. The low-slung body of the Audi TT thus radiates a sporty dynamism. A glance at the performance data confirms this. The latest model in the series, the Audi TT 2.5 TFSI, comes with a 2.5-litre petrol engine that develops 400 bhp at up to 6500 rpm.

Alibaba Cloud revenue reaches $1.5B for the quarter on 62% growth rate – TechCrunch

Alibaba Cloud revenue reaches $1.5B for the quarter on 62% growth rate – TechCrunch

Alibaba issued its latest earnings report yesterday, and the Chinese eCommerce giant reported that cloud revenue grew 62 percent to $1.5 billion U.S., crossing the RMB10 billion revenue threshold for the first time.

Alibaba also announced that it had completed its migration to its own public cloud in the most recent quarter, a significant milestone because the company can point to its own operations as a reference to potential customers, a point that Daniel Zhang, Alibaba executive chairman and CEO, made in the company’s post-earnings call with analysts.

“We believe the migration of Alibaba’s core e-commerce system to the public cloud is a watershed event. Not only will we ourselves enjoy greater operating efficiency, but we believe, it will also encourage others to adopt our public cloud infrastructure,” Zhang said in the call.

It’s worth noting that the company also warned that the Coronavirus gripping China could have impact on the company’s retail business this year, but it didn’t mention the cloud portion specifically.

Yesterday’s revenue report puts Alibaba on a $6 billion U.S. run rate, good for fourth place in the cloud infrastructure market share race, but well behind the market leaders. In the most recent earnings reports, Google reported $2.5 billion in revenue, Microsoft reported $12.5 billion in combined software and infrastructure revenue and market leader AWS reported a tad under $10 billion for the quarter.

As with Google, Alibaba sits well in the back of the pack, as Synergy Research’s latest market share data shows. The

What’s happening to thousands of startups going nowhere fast – TechCrunch

What’s happening to thousands of startups going nowhere fast – TechCrunch

Earlier this week, much was made of the e-commerce business Brandless deciding to shutter its doors. Industry observers found its fate particularly interesting, given that Brandless was only a few years old and had raised substantial funding, including $100 million from the SoftBank Vision Fund alone.

Still, Brandless is far from alone in having tried — and failed — to break away from its many rivals and become the kind of juggernaut that makes venture investors money. There are now thousands of venture-backed companies that once looked like bigger opportunities or whose growth has slowed, and which aren’t finding follow-on dollars.

Ravi Viswanathan of the venture firm NewView Capital sums up what’s happening out there this way: “Firms and funds are generally coming back to market faster with bigger funds, and they’e investing a lot more, so you’re seeing portfolio bloat across the industry. But [limited partners, the outfits and people supplying money to venture funds] are investing for you to make money, and that means spending time on the needle movers.”

So what’s a startup with dwindling attention from its investors to do? There are numerous options, some newer than others, and some more desirable than others.

Option #1

Naturally some — maybe most — of these companies will eventually, like Brandless, close down. This is the least favorable scenario for everyone involved as it means lost jobs, lost dollars and often an uncertain future for the founders who’ve poured their heart and soul into the company.


FTC votes to review influencer marketing rules & penalties – TechCrunch

FTC votes to review influencer marketing rules & penalties – TechCrunch

Undisclosed influencer marketing posts on social media should trigger financial penalties, according to a statement released today by the Federal Trade Commission’s Rohit Chopra. The FTC has voted 5-0 to approve a Federal Register notice calling for public comments on questions related to whether The Endorsement Guides for advertising need to be updated.

“When companies launder advertising by paying an influencer to pretend that their endorsement or review is untainted by a financial relationship, this is illegal payola,” Chopra writes. “The FTC will need to determine whether to create new requirements for social media platforms and advertisers and whether to activate civil penalty liability.”

Currently the non-binding Endorsement Guides stipulate that “when there is a connection between an endorser and a seller of an advertised product that could affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement, the connection must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed.” In the case of social media, that means creators need to note their post is part of an “ad,” “sponsored” content or “paid partnership.”

But Chopra wants the FTC to consider making those rules official by “Codifying elements of the existing endorsement guides into formal rules so that violators can be liable for civil penalties under Section 5(m)(1)(A) and liable for damages under Section 19.” He cites weak enforcement to date, noting that in the case of department store Lord & Taylor not insisting 50 paid influencers specify their posts were sponsored, “the Commission settled the matter for no customer refunds, no forfeiture of ill-gotten

The Ultimate List of the Best Hotels in Veneto, Italy

Where to Stay in Veneto: List of the Top 10 Best Veneto Hotels

Veneto, also known as Venetia, is one of the twenty regions in Italy. The cities in Veneto include Venice, Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Belluno, Montagnana, Bassano del Grappa, Marostica, Asolo, Este, and Arquà Petrarca.

Best Hotels in Veneto

Veneto has around five million inhabitants today, over 400,000 of which are foreigners. Apart from Italians, you will meet Romanians, Moroccans, Chinese, Moldovans, and Albanians in this region. Most inhabitants speak Venetian, which is divided into five varieties, and Italian.

Veneto showcases an extraordinary variety of sceneries that range from a city within a lagoon, agriculturally rich valleys, exquisite lakes, long sandy beaches, captivating resorts, thermal waters, and medieval architecture. The most popular scenic views in this region include the Dolomites, which is a popular mountain range, Lake Garda, Peschiera del Garda, and Torri del Benaco.

Veneto is indeed an ideal vacation spot that offers comfort and relaxation. Its colorful past can be seen through the infrastructures. Picking uniquely designed and ultimately comfortable hotels will surely elevate your stay in Veneto. Here’s a list of the best hotels in Veneto, Italy.

Hotel Gabbia D’Oro

Hotel Gabbia D'Oro
Hotel Gabbia D’Oro

Address: Corso Porta Borsari 4, Verona Historical Centre, 37121 Verona, Italy

Rates start at 367 USD

Check Rates and Availability

The hotel rooms in Hotel Gabbia D’Oro offers a refreshing trip down the memory lane. Its floral vintage design is no less than comfortable and amusing. The lighting fixtures provide warmth